Glamorous camping has become one of the most comfortable ways to connect with nature worldwide. In Basecamp, we have designed and built 15 fixed glamps to cater for visitors who prefer to experience the great outdoors but with a touch of luxury.
Each of our 15 glamps is named after Egyptian mountains to pay homage to the magnificent terrains that our country so generously offers. We strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to connect with the outdoors, which is why our first 2 glamps are specially designed to accommodate wheelchair users with its wider dimensions, all around ramp and toilet accessories. All of the 15 glamps include a private bathroom with hot running water, a lounging space, and 2 bedroom spaces that accommodate 4 individuals.
All of the glamps are spread out around the camping area to provide the guests with the privacy and seclusion they need.


For individuals who seek a little more adventure and an authentic camping experience, they can bring their pitch tents or rent some of our water-resistant high-quality tents.

We have designated a special area for pitch tents so the surrounding plants would act as a windbreaker. Pitching a tent is a great skill that we support our guests in learning along with tending to the campfire and most importantly how to roast some delicious Basecamp signature S’mores.